Monday morning whinge

Ah the cleaning lament, I hope you manage to get some me time in there too


I’m sitting on a pile,
Of unwanted dirty washing,
Of knickers and grubby socks,
I know it is quite shocking.

There are windows,
To be cleaned,
And glasses that have lost,
Their errant gleam.

Carpets beg for Hoover’s,
Floors that miss the mop,
Curtains that are waiting for,
A soaping that have lost the plot.

I want to be the apprentice,
Of the Wizard, you know the one,
He makes the washing up,
Look like so much fun.

The housework fairy quit,
Sometime long ago,
She said it was an awful mess,
And she’d lost her magic glow.

So here I am on Monday,
With the horror house from hell,
Ready to get stuck in,
You really cannot tell!

I have a week of housework,
So where do I begin,
It really doesn’t matter,
For next Monday I’ll start all over again

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