Crochet tea cosy

Not rubbish, lovely handmade


I have a plain, white tea pot that I never use, so I thought a colourful tea cosy for it might encourage me to use it more. I also wanted to see how long it would take to make as I’m looking for quick crochet projects to work on and potentially sell much later down the line.

The pattern for the tea cosy is incredibly easy to follow – it is mostly just the puff cluster stitch, until the end where you do a round of double crochet. Once you reach the sections for the spout and handle gaps, there is a lot of cutting the yarn and beginning again, which means a lot of ends to sew in at the end. However this also means it is easy to switch colours and have a striped cosy. I chose these colours simply because I had a lot of yellow and…

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One thought on “Crochet tea cosy

  1. Nolen Family – Okay second try! For some reason when I post on blogs it does not make it! What an acpshcliomment girls! That is great that they are making it through the night without a bottle. I remember how excited I was when that happened! You are not kidding when you say Savanah looks like daddy and Payton looks like moma. I could tell in the family picture for sure! I could also see how much the girls favor in the picture with the toile outfits. Simply adorable!


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