Perspicacious Outcast

I represent Planet Earth, I represent Humanity,

I don’t represent England, I don’t believe in nationality,

I represent the Universe, I represent all of God’s Galaxies,

I represent the truth, I don’t believe in falsehoods and fallacies,

I’m searching for answers,

I don’t segregate myself or pledge allegiance to any flag,

Because that can lead to cancer,

So I refuse and avoid taking a drag of the system’s fag,

Civilisation like a cigarette will eventually burn out,

People gossip about electoral voter turnout,

Destruction of this Pulchritudinous Planet and hatred,

Is what I am really concerned about,

The more I learn, the more I doubt,

We are lost in a circle of Evil, a prison, please God bail me out,

Heinous, odious and atrocious crimes throughout…

History make me want to scream and shout,

The persecution of other Human Beings makes me cry,

People are starving, Is there an eternal…

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