Sounds like a wonderfully inspirational role you have there. Lovely to see young readers being helped along.

Little Big Reads

I had a special moment in my job as a Librarian last night, it may not seem much to anyone else perhaps, but for me it will be one of those memories that will be lasting. This little moment happened because it was a rare quiet moment in the library.

A little boy came up to me to show me that there were two books the same…


I explained that we do this so that lots of people can read the same book, it was then he started to talk to me about why he thought this book was very good.  The joy on his face was priceless, the excitement in his voice couldn’t be replicated and the chat we had will never be forgotten.

His reason for loving the book so much is because of the hidden secret places that are shown, like the underground and up inside trees.



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