DIY Enamel Pins – Tried and Tested

Lovely to see the crafting process and great results

Witching Hour DIYs

I got a little curious on my only day off from work and began to let my mind wander through the fabulous world of YouTube DIY channels. I stumbled on a video where a woman was teaching viewers to make those “tumblr inspired” pins with glue. Glue! No Shrinkey Dinks needed (which are currently sold out at my local Michael’s so this was not an option!) Just glue. I have lots of glue. Hot glue, Mod Podge, glue pens, you name it, I have it. So naturally, my curiosity peaked. So here we are… a new segment on my brand new blog called, “YouTube DIYs – Tried & Tested.” Let’s see what we’ve got ourselves into, shall we?

Basically, the DIY was taking an old binder divider – the plastic ones – and making a puddle of hot glue over it. Now, her method seemed a bit confusing, but I…

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