Conversation With SmileTutor’s Founder

Smiletutor – Great name and great purpose


I have once written that growing up in Singapore – my home country is extremely competitive and stressful even for a child. Many parents are programmed to think that if a child is not top of his class, he is designed to fail for the rest of his life. Hence, tuition agencies are mushroomed in Singapore to assist children in exceeding in their studies.

Tuition centres and agencies are very competitive in Singapore’s market. One can only imagine how competitive this niche of business is. Well, we don’t have to imagine any further as we are pleased to have Rum Tan, the owner of a tuition agency shed some light and experience on his foray into the education world.
Thank you for accepting an interview with MiddleMe, Rum Tan. That is a unique name, Rum.  

Haha, yes thank you! People tell me that all the time. I’m a true…

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