The Colour of Spring…

Beautiful poetry

subulola's niche

You smiled at me today

and triggered a thousand reactions all at once,butterfly

in my heretofore low frame

It is clear to me,

You do not know the effect of your smile on me.

Let me tell you what happens;

how your smile my life shapens,

when your lips stretch wide and turn upwards at the ends.

The hollowness in my heart, it mends,

Transforms it to a well of hope,

I do not see rainbows – Nope.

flower3But I see beauty

unadulterated; and, quickly

Happiness, around my heart forms a ring,

my feet, once dragging on the floor, enjoy a peppy spring;

(True, your smile has gone beyond a mile)

– a slave to your guileless smile

helpless to the effect of that beauteous beam,

Now my gloom can best be called a dream.

Now I know the Colour of Beauty.

I do not smile back at you,tulip

I know in…

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