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Educator of the Future

Over that midweek hump and one day till the weekend. Exciting times you’d think.

Think again, the never ending stress and work as a teacher is as in said never ending.
Let’s put this is context. As a:

To do list

I have BTEC work coming out of my ears,

Assessment plans to re edit then send, plus learners need to resubmittiny

Emails I have needed to respond to for a week ago,

Assessment data I need to re collect and now evaluate,

Reports need rewriting for next week

Constant thought of stretching the able disadvantage whilst monitoring the less able and differentiating for them

oh and don’t forget lesson planning on a Saturday

Schemes to interest learners

and finally! Masters in Teachers and Learning.


I do love my career and I wouldn’t change sculpting the future for the world. I’m here to open eyes.

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