The Victory

An eye opening piece of writing on depression

My Noise

She wrestled behind a thick curtain of fog. It’s like driving a car in zero visibility. Her only goal for the day isn’t like conquering the stars. She just wanted to see, as clearly as she used to be, before the fog descended and obscured her perspectives completely. She wanted to assume control, as she always did, and not get blind sided by circumstances, as she now seem to often get herself into.”It’s just a matter of focus. Just an ounce of determination”, she thought. Depression had always been a pain in the ass.It was never something that’s easy to wrestle with, much more so live with it. Infact, it is anything but easy. It had killed millions, and it will continue to kill more.
She squinted in the light, never quite comfortable with its glare. The noise was bothersome. The motions too fast. The world is spinning, on fast…

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