How Dark Poetry Can Change The World.

Great to read something positive on the subject of depression: sharing for awareness

Hindsight Bias

Blogging and suicide

When we are betrayed; when we fail; when we feel unappreciated and not loved for who we are; when we feel misrepresented by our bodies, we create a negative energy that neither helps ourselves nor humanity in any way. Actually, it is regenerative in that we risk passing it to our children, friends, employees etc. and it somewhat circles back. I believe that evil or that negative energy is a force that cannot be avoided but can be managed nonetheless. Most art activities provide that channel- some sort of negative energy sink. I think Dark Poetry does a great job at this. Dark Poetry may be a piece purging feelings about an ex, murdering the president, stepping on Hillary Clinton’s toes without mentioning her name, a fantasy about sex with an old nun, and…well, you get the sense. The leverage is that most people would forgive you for painting a…

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