The Book Two Manuscript is Done!

Old Men and Infidels Books

And edited. The last inconsistency has been trailed to its lair and destroyed by fire and steel.

Now what?

Absent one of the Five Archangels of American Publishing making an epiphany to elevate this to that rarefied stratum of bookdom, I guess I will have to find someone to print this for me.

I know that there are several steps yet to accomplish:

Developmental Editing: I did that last time with iUniverse, and it was an immense help, but I believe the lessons have been learned.

Copy Editing: Just completed that through First Editing and still wondering how I can have so many spelling errors after running it through MS Word and Grammarly. Of course, invaluable experience. “Virginia” caught some intentional and unintentional malapropisms, but for the most part, I took her advice.

Now what I need to do is:

Cover design: I want it to look like a relative of…

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