Tainted by the Sea

“..it’s like a finger pointing away to the moon..”


by Ray Caesar

“Tainted” – Solo Exhibition of Ray Caesar

Tainted by the Sea
In the summer of 1966, my family took a road trip to Cornwall and it was the first time I placed my foot in the sea. I had been to Brighton a few times but for some reason I didn’t think that counted. We had recently been informed by the British educational system that all life sprang from the ocean, and all the pink bits on the map were part of the Empire, and that we had better not forget it. My brother had warned me of a drop in the sandbank where the water became very deep past a point, but I ignored him as was my usual practice in those green salad days. Walking out into the ocean, I dropped like a stone and the sea swallowed me up as if it was…

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