The 200 year-old Hospital for Dolls in Naples

What a wonderful place

La Brutta Figura

In one of the oldest, most intriguing areas of Napoli lies a dim workshop clustered with disembodied limbs, eyes missing their partner and organs ready for transplant. No, not a horror film in real life, rather one of the best hospitals in Naples, which gives its patients a new breath of life allowing them to live on another 100 years. Dolls, toys and puppets needn’t fear in Naples, as the Ospedale delle Bambole (The Doll Hospital) can cure any ailment, and at the same time restore the dreams of their owners.

Luigi Grassi’s chaotic workshop can be found in Via S. Biagio dei Librai in the area of Spaccanapoli, named so because it literally ‘spaccava in metà’, or cut in half, the old city. Four generations of his family have worked, and work, here in the hospital creating their magic.

The Story of the Doll Hospital

The Hospital has a…

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