A Tale of Might and Muscle

Always nice to see a determined team!


As many of you will know, the Cardiff Valkyries have been giving their all in the last few months. For many, they have learned a whole new sport from scratch. Some have even experienced coaching the team, communicating and directing new members and old. Regardless of the level of experience, however, there is always room for development in both skill and strength.

A Tale of Might and Muscle: The Fury of Fitranx and Dean the Destroyer.

Though the style of training may vary relative to one’s positioning in a team, there are generally two key components to body development; strength and conditioning. Squats, dead-lifts, sprints, burpees…the list of what falls into these two facets are endless!! However, for those who are new to any sport, learning to overcome your body’s comfort zone can be a daunting experience. A question that will come to many is “Where do I start?”, and this in itself leads to other…

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