Easy Vegan Pancakes


Seasoned with Sunshine

It’s Pancake Day! I just made the fluffiest pancakes ever and the recipe took me totally by surprise so I had to cobble together a quick post for those of you who might be interested (sorry for the low-res image, I’ll replace it soon!)

These pancakes are made of only three ingredients, and could be made using two if you were really in a bind. Magic. They are totally vegan, incredibly fluffy and airy and taste delicious with your favourite toppings on. All you need for these is self raising flour, soy milk and sparkling water. I haven’t made these without the sparkling water, and whilst that does go some way to make these so fluffy, I’m sure you could make a basic pancake without it.

Simply mix 1 cup of sifted self raising flour with 3/4 cup soy milk and 1/4 cup sparkling water to form a smooth batter…

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