Why choose acrylics?

Lovely artwork

Effie Carayannis

When I enrolled in my first painting class (many years ago) I was given a list of materials to purchase. The paint requirement was a sample box of acrylic paints, it contained about ten tubes, each containing a different colour. Acrylics were all the go back then, a time when Folk Art was HUGE; everyone was using acrylics. I’ve replaced many art materials from that first list since; but acrylics remain.  I suppose that’s when my love affair with this wonderful product began.

Over the years I have used other mediums, some I’ve  just had a dabble with, others I’ve completed a number of projects with.

Although I still use other mediums from time to time, my personal choice would have to be acrylic paints. They are my “go to” paints.

They’re just so versatile!

They dry quickly.

They’re easily mixed together so you can create your own colours.


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