Tagore, full of surprises as ever.

Interesting post on an interesting poet, artist, writer…lets just go with man

Ruma Chakravarti

Every time I think I have approached something remotely close to beginning to get the measure of the man, Rabindranath Tagore surprises me and how.

I was reading an essay titled ‘Dharma Bodher Drishtanto’ or Examples of Rightful Thinking where I found that the same man that was writing ‘romantic songs and prettily rhyming poetry’ as someone said to me recently was also well informed about events happening on the other side of the globe. These were not just pre-Google times, this was also before air travel. It would not be till December 1903 that the Wright brothers would fly their contraption for the first time. Everything including news, moved at the rate of a steam engine.

And yet Tagore was writing Dharma Bodher Drishtanto in that same year. More than a century later I read his essay to discover two events that I have been shamefully unaware of. It…

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