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Hello everybody..!

Its nice to get back to blogging after what seemed like decades and find that I have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Grace Anne from 20 Day World..! Many many thanks to her..!

Here are the rules..

Thank your nominator
Nominate 11 bloggers
Put out 11 questions to be answered by them
finally answer the 11 questions asked by your nominator

Here are my answers to the questions..!

Which one do you prefer, change the past or know your future?

Knowing the future..! I’m always curious to know what happens next. I generally don’t worry about things that have already happened.
If you received a Lifetime achievement award, what would it be for?

Silly answer: For reading

Less sillier answer: For writing (Though I absolutely can’t imagine myself receiving an award for this)
Under an alien attack, will you be a collaborator or rebel?


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