Looks like a great time was had, even with the trying weather towards the end


We arrived in Brisbane in mid December 2010, (me in a wheelchair) after a very long and food-poisoned flight after a month in India.  Despite having the most incredible time in India we were so excited to get to Australia for Christmas and New Year – enjoy some western food and have less stressful journeys than the 30 hour train journeys across India we had just experienced.

We checked in to BUNK Backpackers Hostel which turned out to be a very memorable place for me. On our second night we met some guys from the UK living in Brisbane, one of whom happened to be Daniel!  We all fell in love with the city and we had some really fun nights out, trying out the famous ‘goon’ which I can safely say is lethal stuff!


Southbank and the shopping areas were lovely and suddenly we were all picturing ourselves living a Brisbane life…

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