Aim for the Stars

Lovely cards


This was a first for me on a number of levels…I finally got to play with my Star Dies (FREEbie arrived with yesterday’s order), I didn’t make things worse or harder for myself and I’ve just finished a double page spread. Am quite chuffed with myself tonight.

Once I knew my Kaszazz FREEbie was the Nesting Star Dies I had a sticky beak at the myriad of Workshops Kaszazz & my fellow Consultants have designed that include Stars…and then discounted all the Christmas related ones, which appear to be the majority of them. Today I had a number of photos of my adorably cheeky Godson printed with this page in mind. The hardest part was then deciding which photos made the cut…literally as it turned out.

IMG_2577 some of the Nesting Star Dies

Enough said, here’s my rendition of Kaszazz Workshop 2H1610 Aim for the Stars created by Tegan Ballin. And…

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