WE ADOPTED by Volunteers Maggie Hunter and Rodney Targett

Interesting..I never knew this was a thing

The Salisbury Museum Volunteer Blog

Did you know that some of our beautiful objects can be ‘adopted’?   We thought you would like to read what two of our volunteers have to say about the objects that have become ‘theirs’…

Volunteer Maggie Hunter adopted the Frank Brooks painting Mrs Ridout and the Coombe Express

“I have said “Hello” to Mrs Ridout, nearly every week since I started volunteering, about 12 years ago.  It is about 3 miles between Salisbury and Coombe Bisset, and she always looks ‘content’, walking home. Rumour has it that she and the donkey consume a lot of beer on the way!”

DSC00023Volunteer Rodney Targett adopted a man’s embroidered silk waistcoat c1775

DSC00022 “The embroidery on the front, and the fact that one can see it has been worn, that it was made for the Earl of Derby in the eighteenth century, and that I wear waistcoats a great deal (currently thirty in…

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