Knit Your Own Pet by Sally Muir & Joanna Osborne

New pet anyone?

Joanna and Sara read books

knit your own pet

But, why, Sara? (Joanna takes a generous after-a-long-day slurp of wine)

– Why not? (Sara equals Joanna’s quantity of slurp because, hey, that’s what friends do)

But, really; do people, like, still do stuff like this? Not being funny or anything…

– Just quietly, Joanna, there’s a whole substrata of society that likesmaking thingswith their own hands, using flora, fibres and fabrics.

You mean…?

– Yes, without technology.


Gosh. That’s actually quite interesting.

(glasses refilled) (already)

– If you start digging, you’ll find any number of flourishing knitting, sewing, wool dying, spinning, weaving, book making, fabric printing, jewellery making, stamping, scrapbooking, embroidery/needlework, all-things-crafty etc, etc, groups around the country, nay, the world. And it’s all been updated to the 21st century so is a little less ‘nana’. Here’s two of many crafty guilds that I noticed in…

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