Admit It…It’s YOU!

The bravery to be yourself

Lady J's Voice

I’ve been contemplating on how I wanted to write this but then I saw this video by Trent Shelton and I quit contemplating and just figured I’d write and share his words.

What I want to say is that it’s a shame when you don’t TRULY accept yourself, flaws and all, because all you’re doing is hindering your living. Not only that, you’re also depriving 8932005_origothers of what could be something wonderful whether from you or someone else by not dealing with you. You’re taking away the next person’s right to choose whether they want to deal with you, the REAL you, or not. What you find may not be pretty but it is what makes you you and change is always possible if you choose to do so. Yes it can be a harsh reality and may come with some pain but after that self-reflection and then self-acceptance things will be so…

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