Grab your Mate – Let’s go to the Tate!

A good day out

Yumminess for the Penniless

Hai internetz!

So, I know that the Tate Modern is not technically in East London, BUT it is very much reachable by walking distance from East London, and IT’S FREE.

When finding free things to do in London, the Tate is unbeatable on pretty much everything. It has several levels, it host international and legendary pieces of art (Picasso, Miro, Monet and Salvador Dali to name a few) it’s full of sofas and seating, you can bring your own food, grab a cheap(ish) coffee and the exhibitions are constantly changing.

The usual goes: if you’re there when it’s crowded, you’re not gonna have a good time. Prams, tourists, and big groups frequent this place like flies to a slightly off piece of lemon drizzle cake.

I would particularly like to recommend the smaller gift shop in the middle, which always have amazing bargains on books! (Get your xmas pressies early!)


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