Vitamin C packed orange smoothie

A good plan to keep away colds


This week I decided to wake up earlier in order to get more things done. Therefore, today, I woke up at 5.45 and surprisingly it was not hard at all! I started my day with prayers, being grateful for living another day on this planet, then I meditated, did some fitness and finished with a yoga routine. Then, breakfast time was coming and I did not know what to eat. I opened my fridge and the only fruits and vegetables I found was apples, oranges, pears, carrots, bananas plus some ginger. I did not know how to call my smoothie, hence the weird name “Vitamin C packed orange smoothie”. You should definitely try it 🙂 :


1 banana
1 carrot
1 orange
1 apple
2 pears
Fresh ginger, to taste

orange lime lemon carrot apple smoothie juice drink vitamin C (2)


1) Juice the orange and put the juice in the blender with the the banana (sliced). Mix them for about 1…

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