The Little Things

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Sometimes the things that seem like the smallest of actions can have big affects. Telling someone you like their shirt, saving them a piece of cake or even just flashing a smile. These little actions can make another person feel good. And when people feel good they spread that positivity. The domino effect of happiness occurs and the world is a little brighter because of it.

IMG_4706There are a number of orphanages that KT Care provides donations to; money, clothing and time. One of these is the Aung Zayar Min Monastery. Located on the outskirts of Yangon, the monastery houses an orphanage which currently has 2,300 children living there. Some are there long term, other short term. There are kids whose parents have passed away. Others who have parents that are sick and can’t take care of them at this particular moment. Everyone’s story is different. But the one thing…

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