What am I doing?

Best wishes for the project: sharing for awareness

KT Bradshaw

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Ever since I left my museum job, people have been asking me, “So, what are you doing now?”

I’ve found it difficult to answer succinctly.

“I’m working on a writing project that I hope will turn into a book.”
(The writing project is currently housed here: http://thelifeworkblog.com/ )

“Oh! What are you writing about?”

The short answer is, “An oral history project about women’s life paths.”

The long answer, and the backstory, is this:

About two years ago, I met a friend for lunch and learned the interesting path of her career, of which I had been completely ignorant.

I began thinking about the stories behind the lives and careers of other people I know, and about how we tend to see each other only as we are today. Our previous lives and experiences become erased. The pathways that led us to where we are now, when revealed, are often…

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