Choco Salty Caramel Tart

Oh how delicious!

Simply Khas

Choc Salted Tart 5

I’ve always visited these cafes and restaurants and wondered how they make their tart a straight edge; as in not fluted. It makes the desserts look so professional and pretty and so “cafe-like”. I wanted to make one, just like that! Sounds so superficial right?! LOL!

I’ve thought of so many ways in my mind how it could be done. But wondered whether that ludicrous method that I have in my head is true. One of the method I thought of was to cut the base using a cutter, leaving the cutter as a mould for the tart to bake in. Then cut a thin strip and then fixing it to sides of the cutter and at the same time adhering it to the base. But all that handling is crazy! Crust will soften and melt in no time and it will be hard to handle in our weather here.


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