Quote Challenge: Day 2

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The one thing we can all do devoid of background, education or race is the ability to dream. We can only get as far as we want  in life if we dreamed it first.

What do you see yourself become in five, ten, twenty years? A story of grass to grace, zero to hero, nobody to somebody or you want to be on the same frequency you began on  like static on a radio?


Don’t let anyone stop you from dreaming or discourage you from going the extra mile to see it come to life. If it will take not sharing your dreams with others to keep you focused, by all means, do that.  But don’t refuse to accept help from others when the need arrive. We all need each other’s help to get there.


The rules of the challenge are simple:
Thank the one who nominated you.
Post either…

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One thought on “Quote Challenge: Day 2

  1. I love this post. May need to post it on my refrigerator. Always looking for support to help me continue following my dreams. And I wholeheartedly agree with – we all need each others help to get there.

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