Folks, Sport The Colour Of Warmth And Happiness! Wear Yellow On A Thursday

Time to buy some yellow dresses!


sport-the-colour-of-warmth-and-happiness-wear-yellow-on-a-thursdayThe colour of this day is yellow. This day is presided by the planet Jupiter which is considered as the teacher of all Gods. It is said that if you wear yellow on this day and offer prayers to both Jupiter and Laxmi then you are sure to be blessed with wealth.

It’s the colour of happiness, and optimism, of enlightenment and creativity, sunshine and spring.

Sport the colour of warmth today. Take your pick from among these:

Something yellow for the divas:

This yellow dress is an epitome of class and sophistication

This printed top is perfect for a day out with your girlfriends.

Keep your style chic and feminine with this polyester blouse.

Make a distinct style statement by going to work in these yellow pleated-front trousers

Something yellow for the dudes:

Strut on the streets in comfort by wearing this slim-fit polo t-shirt.

Show your love for…

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