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Well it made me laugh anyhow

The World According to the Eucman!


WELCOME to Wednesday, March 2, 2016.   

An Alternative Medical Dictionary:  

Artery – The study of paintings.

Barium – What Doctors do when patients die.

Caesarean Section – A neighborhood in Rome.

Cauterize – Made eye contact with her.

Colic – A sheep dog.

Dilate – To live long.

Enema – Not a friend.

Fibula – A small lie.

Genital – Not a Jew.

Impotent – Distinguished, well known.

Labour Pain – Getting hurt at work.

Morbid – A higher offer. funny medical terms

Nitrates – Cheaper than day rates.

Node – Was aware of.

Outpatient – A person who has fainted.

Post Operative – Letter carrier.

Recovery Room – Place to do upholstery.

Seizure – Roman Emperor.

Terminal Illness – Getting sick at the airport.

Urine – Opposite of ‘you’re out’.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! Have a wonderful Wednesday people, and whatever you do, don’t forget…

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