Get inspired, be happy

Lets do this!


Hi everyone!

Isn’t it incredible how Wednesdays are so busy? One would think that there are several other days of the week more suitable for busy busy busy but no, it always comes down to Wednesdays.

Anyway, today is a day to be inspired on! At the busiest moments I get as most inspired. It’s strange but strangeness is the melody of my mind I suppose. One of my friends at University gets inspired while he’s walking and muttering how bad the world is. Another one gets inspired while swimming or sitting near water.

Inspiration is a strange thing in itself. It’s the moment when your brain forgets about everything else and suddenly shouts “I’ve got it!” and gives you a happy, tingling feeling. It’s also interesting that inspiration is such a vibrant feeling very much alike happiness. What is the difference between happiness and an inspired feeling? I mean…

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