Deviant Delicacies

Glorious Results Of A Misspent Youth

Sour, sweet Chinese store well
In my refrigerator
Too bad I always seem to be
Hungry an hour later

Italian’s tasty, rich and dense
And sinful as I dare
Skin parmesan I’d say we’re on
Unless I find a hair

Mediterranean is a feast
That rarely goes to waste
Ahad may bob in my kabob
And leave a garlic taste

For Mexican I have a yen
And for it give a holla
No way Jose maybe saute
Him in my enchilada

A kosher dish, a flesh knish
Let’s do it to the hilt
Oh Rabbi Stein you were divine
Well worth the Jewish guilt

And spices work, a jerk with jerk
That comes straight from Jamaica
And Japanese I say ‘yes please’
To sushi and a geisha

The meat is lean, bones boil clean
I get what I can take
A cannibal can’t have it all
So why discriminate


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