Looking over the precipice. Again.

Ah I love a bit of Friedrich

Karin Rita Gastreich

1a904-468px-caspar_david_friedrich_032I still remember the first time I shared a chapter of Eolyn with a writers group. I was as nervous as nervous can be. I didn’t know much about writing back then, so I had good reason to be worried. Still, my goals were modest at the time. All I really wanted to know was whether my little story might be interesting to someone besides me. The idea of publishing hadn’t quite crept into my brain, but it would soon.

As I began to engage more with writers groups and strengthen my craft, I harbored a hope that someday, when I had a better handle on what this writing thing was all about, showing my stories to others would become easier. In a sense, it has. I have more confidence in myself, and more strategies for letting less useful critiques, including outright negativity, wash over me.

But the vulnerability of that…

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