Doll Conservation: Introduction to an English Rose

How lovely to be able to get a close up of this sweetheart

The Bowes Museum's Blog

Over my next few posts, I’ll be blogging about the conservation of an 18th century fashion doll from our collection [TOY.301]. I am preparing it for our upcoming exhibition English Rose – Feminine Beauty from Van Dyck to Sargent, opening in May 2016.

The doll dates to around 1740, and has a wooden body, which has been carved, gessoed, painted and varnished. She has a real hair wig, and complex set of clothes. She has a silk damask dress, the embroidered apron may be a later addition, and a silk cap with a long streamer. She has knitted stockings, held in place with ribbons, and silk shoes. Her underwear consists of a linen shift, linen petticoat with patterned border, silk quilted petticoat, and a hanging pocket. She does not have a pair of stays, but her torso has been wrapped with a piece of fabric.

This is a ‘fashion…

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