Recipe: Harry Potter Love Potion Cocktail

A little something for the weekend

Miranda Langford

love potion

Romance may not have blossomed easily for your fave Harry Potter characters (seven books until that Hermione snog, come on Ron where’s your game?) but the wizarding world still has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to charming the pants off your crush.

Love Potion, or to give it its proper name Amortentia, is in pretty high demand this time of year. It may surprise you, but Valentine’s Day is not an exclusively muggle holiday. Obviously the real potion ingredients are far too powerful to share on such a public platform, so I’ve toned it down with a little help from the Half-Blood Prince (and Pinterest).

While it may not smell like the things that attract you the most, it WILL smell of coconut, raspberries and vodka, which is almost the same thing. It’s also the easiest cocktail recipe in the world – if you manage to…

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