I wish…

Lovely poem

how to survive in paris

Dear budding poets,

Here is my poem of the day, enjoy reading!


I wish…

I wish you remember our moments spent together,

I wish I could turn back time and make the right choice,

I wish I could feel myself again, as light as a feather,

I wish you won’t forget my words and the sound of my voice.

There is no point having regrets,

There is no point to mope,

The stakes of life are like bets,

You win or you lose, what matters is to get up even if you’re on a slippery slope.

I wish you remember me as a girl who wanted to get the moon,

My lunar mission crashed but I landed into the stars,

I wish you remember how you looked at me when we set the world to rights over a Blue Lagoon,

I wish you won’t forget the pictures of our ideal…

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