Friday letters – the back home edition

Sometimes coming home is as good as a trip

I used to be indecisive...

Dear California, You were very interesting, and have a stunning coastline.  I think we only scratched the surface by spending most of our time on the coast, so another time I would like to explore more of your state parks and inland areas.

Dear readers, I have been neglecting my blog-reading, but hope to catch up with you all now that I have returned from my trip.

Dear self, Get on with writing all those blog posts that are waiting to be written.

Dear film crews, I see you are filming around our neighbourhood again – if we were paid for every time you used our roads, blocked our parking spaces and temporarily stopped the traffic, we’d be rich!  I expect the local council is making a bit of money though.

Dear daffodils,  I went away and you were beginning to appear and I came home to find you…

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