Word Warrior Wednesday (on a friday): ’tis not too late to seek a newer world

Never give up

The Morbus Crohnicles

Since it is the first week of January, I had planned to write something about the new year. For many years, my friend Julia and I have sent each other the end of Lord Tennyson’s Ulysses around new years. I loved the Victorian pathos in the language, and I loved the optimism that it contained. The aging Ulysses is not giving up. He goes out there, knowing whatever there may be, he will never yield. Of course, as teenagers, we totally related to this.

Then, in my first year of undergraduate, my English professor destroyed it for me. She said the poem was ironic, it was making fun of Ulysses as a rocking chair hero, who still thinks he’s got it, but he ain’t that hot no more (not exactly her words). Conveniently, she forgot to tell us,  that research is actually divided on the topic. Of course I believed…

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