The Besh Fried Eggs

What looks simple isn’t always easy

The Food and Wine Hedonist

Age and location have caught up to me.

In November I recently turned forty-cough-cough-cough and it also marked the 10-year anniversary of us moving to the flaming liberal, pinko, hippie college town of Ann Arbor, Michigan.   That combination has resulted in me doing something I always vowed I wouldn’t do.

I listen to NPR.

We’re talking full-on, memorized schedule, two radio presets, NPR listener.   But – and may Ira Glass strike me down if I’m lying – I still haven’t gotten so bad as to listen to “A Prairie Home Companion.”

"Dude, when I want to bench press 350, I bust out the Garrison Keillor and crank it up." - Said no one. Ever. ( from

Sorry, Garrison.   Maybe in about 40 more years I’ll come to appreciate your brand of “entertainment.” Maybe.

Not too long ago, I tuned in to hear an interview with the great chef John Besh.    For those of you unfamiliar with him, he’s a former Marine who owns several top restaurants in New Orleans and other…

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