nominated for one lovely blog award!



  1. Each nominee must thank the person who nominated them (including a link to their blog). They must list the rules and post the blog award badge in the post.
  2. They must add 7 facts about themself.
  3. They must nominate 15 other bloggers and notify them that they have been nominated.


Thank you HOLLOW-BOXIES for the nomination, it’s not often I actually write my own piece but here goes.

  1. I love to make people smile by sharing their wonderful blog posts
  2. I secretly love winter mornings even though I complain about the cold
  3. My favorite flowers are bluebells
  4. If I could tell people one thing it would to be able to enjoy life and not waste it
  5. I love the smell of burning wood
  6. Dancing is something that makes me happy yet I don’t seem to do it anymore
  7. I can’t stick to a routine no matter how much I want to




Dream Big

Al the Author

The Dyslexic Guy

Rambling Beauty

Valentine Speaks

Starlit Octave

Loner Blood

Happy Holly

Eric’s Blog

Easy Vegan Crockpot

Robin’s life

Kicking stroke’s ass

Catherine Beaton


Source: nominated for one lovely blog award!


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