How Your New Year Traditions Came to Be

Interesting New Year read!

John Robin's Blog

Hello everyone. First of all: Happy new year! New year is the beginning of all things fun, exciting and wonderfully traditional. The ancient people rank truth based on whichever story is best relayed over some ale and a folksy campfire, so it’s not surprising that New Year’s Day can involve some of the weirdest tales that you have ever heard.

After all, even the weirdest traditions have a story behind why they happen. Perhaps as fantasy writers, you might feel inspired by the stuff below. But I wrote this article in the New Year spirit. I wish you all the best and remember, new year is the time you spend with your family; not musty self-help articles on writing. Have fun!

The Legend of Nian

Okay, since I was born in China and know enough Chinese to provide context, I am going to help explain this story clearly to the…

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