Fudgey oreo brownies

These look so yummy!


Fudgey oreo brownies

Fudgey oreo brownies

Fudgey oreo brownies

I changed up a previous brownie recipe to make these (originally based on this excellent recipe from inspiredtaste.net) – with the addition of a layer of whole oreo biscuits AS WELL AS crumbled oreo pieces atop a substantial layer of frosting, these are even more delectable! I love this recipe as it uses cocoa powder instead of melted chocolate – which I find is cheaper and less messy. Brownies really don’t need melted chocolate to get that gooey consistency, just cocoa powder and the right amount of everything else. Not having melted chocolate also lets you control the sugar content a little bit more, which is nice. These are extremely soft and fudge-like, and sweet but not sickly… even with all that frosting. This is definitely a go-to brownie recipe, and so easy to change up. This can be baked without the oreos, with extra chocolate chips, with fudge chunks…

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