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Doing what makes us happy – awesome advice

Simply Morgan

I like weird things. I like the abstract. I like painting even if I suck. I like crafting even if I’m no good. Here’s a little piece of advice.

Do what makes your soul happy.

Unless of course its vulgar, or awful or sinful. Seriously though, if you like painting on people’s backs why should you not do it? If you love to dance, dance your heart out. If you want to move to Nashville, do it. If not, don’t. If you change your mind, don’t be afraid to change your plans. Change your major. Move. Go. Do. Make. Create. Sing. Dance. Paint. Climb. Whatever !

Why are we so afraid?

Why are we so focused on making a living? Bringing in dat money. We need purpose. You know who gives us purpose? God. You know who has the answers when we don’t ? God. Was Moses an accountant? Did Joseph…

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