The Seven Guys You’ll Fall in Love With

And we are only on Thursday…more good things to come

Electric Wrists


Monday is the kind of guy whose best suit attracts you the most. He’ll make you think about him nonstop and sometimes, it’s not always a good feeling. But somehow, you’ll always end up bumping into him on a street corner whether you like it or not. He’ll push you to your limits and point your flaws so both of you could fit like a puzzle together. He’ll hit you like a shitload of bricks and you will realize he has a lot going on in his life and he’s ultimately concerned with fixing what’s broken rather than celebrating what’s already a piece of art.


You probably won’t remember his name after the heartbreak he caused you. Tuesday is your childhood sweetheart, the one who made you believe in fairy tales and happy endings. The put silly smile on your face after he drop you off to your…

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