The Roots Of My Love

Sweet story..

Story of Us


   I was talking to John last night and somehow the conversation wandered into the topic of our blogs and the things that we have written for them. He said that we had written a lot, but then said “You know, I’d really like to read about what it was that drew you to me.” At first I was a little confused, because I thought I had already wrote about that. Turns out that I haven’t actually. Not really, anyways. So here it is;

   When John first started interacting with me in the Skype group we were part of, it was all just fun and games. I didn’t single him out, I just talked to him like everyone else in the chat. Probably a little less, to be honest, haha. My view of him was that he was some goofy guy who was sort of like… Full of himself?…

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