Question from a Kneady Feline

Oh the bladder thing was a favorite thing for my cat


This question comes from the very kneady Dylan

“Why do I knead my human so much? I just need to knead. It’s like an addiction, and I knead her and knead her…to the point that I NEED her. I love to bury my head in her lovely lady parts and knead her ample tummy until I jump off and stagger away. Help!”

Dylan, you bring up an extremely troubling fact, we do “need” humans.  If we had opposable thumbs, we would not, but until we can work the can opener ourselves, we need them for our very survival and must make the most of it.

And honestly, it is nice to have someone else scoop our poop for us.

As far as kneading.  It is a brilliantly designed  behavior gifted to us so that as kittens we can stimulate milk flow from our mothers.

Since mothers of any species are basically slaves…

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