Be The Reason…..

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The Random Thoughts of Aisling


Say thank you….and really mean it.

Hold a door open for someone.

Pay a compliment.

Send a good morning text to someone.

Hold the lift for the person who is just about to miss it.

Smile at a stranger.

Buy a coffee for the next person in line at the coffee shop.

Apologise for something if you need to.

Leave someone a little random note to brighten up their day – leave it in their coat pocket, their wallet or under the duvet so they will see it tonight before they go to sleep, etc.

Send someone a thank you card or email.

Ask someone how they are – not because that’s what you normally do! Ask them because you genuinely want to know how they are and then listen to their response.

Give someone a call that you haven’t spoken with in ages.

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