A good day out

Great pics

Pete Elsom in 2016

Really enjoyed the day out yesterday, I did have have lot to do though. I started at a place close by, but where I had never been before, called Thornwick Bay, Near Flamborough head. From there in the City of Hull. Fire extinguishers to be recharged people to see, lunch and the football in the evening. So out for 14 hours and driving for 3 hours, but enjoyable.

Photography Thornwick Bay


Horoscope:- Gemini

Rituals can create the spiritual contentment you seek. Try getting up at the same time each day. Pause to enjoy the dawn and twilight. Cook yourself nourishing meals. Spend a few minutes reading inspirational materials or listening to upbeat music. Modern life is stressful. It’s important to have strategies for keeping tension at bay. Instead of looking to material goods for fulfilment, turn your focus inward. Create a rhythm that’s soothing. When you have something to…

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