A True Wizard – Chapter 1

A new beginning shared for all

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I promised myself if I got over 100 views in one day I would post chapter 1 of my book, unfortunately this happened yesterday so I’m going to have to post! Please bear in mind this is a work in progress and isn’t the finished draft. If you are kind enough to read it and want to comment pleases don’t worry about any typos and spelling mistakes but rather on what you think of my main character, the pace and weather it’s enough to hook you. I would also be interested to hear where you think the story is going. If fantasy fiction is not your thing then pass on by I will not be offended.

Chp1 The Thief Trap

Tybalt peeked out from behind the crates his green eyes hungrily searching for a mark. His stomach growled he hadn’t eaten anything for three days and pain was becoming unbearable…

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